When the weather gets better, more and more people ask us how and where to organise an excursion in a kayak and enjoy the best landscapes on the island. However, this is not only an activity, it is a way of life and those like us who enjoy it know the benefits involved; we want to share them with you here.

Paddling a kayak is therefore a way to practise sport. When we paddle vigorously the intense rhythm of this physical exercise means using energy to an extent that an hour of kayaking involves the burning of approximately 350 calories. We strengthen our muscles, not only in our arms but also in our legs, as well as our backs, trunks, stomach muscles and shoulders. Additionally, the constant movement is perfect for our heart rate. In fact, experts state that kayaking is one of the best exercises to keep our heart in perfect health condition and breathe more efficiently.


Mentally speaking, sea kayaking also helps us by releasing the anxiety accumulated from our everyday tasks and relaxes us with the motion of the waves and the sounds of nature that surround us. Just being in the water is very relaxing and even more so when surrounded by crystal-clear waters such as those in Menorca. We further increase our body’s production of endorphins and, therefore, our organism releases stress intuitively, and automatically improves our mood.

The mere fact of being in open-air spaces also fosters a series of benefits such as the assimilation of the sun vitamin, that is, vitamin D, which is the most difficult to ingest through food; in fact, 80% of this vitamin is obtained directly from the sun. When we kayak we will be exposed to sunlight, therefore we will have to be well protected and will mainly use long-sleeve spandex shirts as well as water-proof sun cream.

Personal development is closely related to kayak activities and the willingness to improve technically. We can try harder each time, pursuing new challenges such as navigating rougher waters or paddling longer distances, which will improve our self-confidence. Psychologists state that kayaking also helps to develop social and intellectual abilities, because every excursion is an adventure in which we will always learn something new.


Now that we have explained some of the main benefits, do you fancy practising this sport? Contact our team of professionals who will help you make the most of this experience and enjoy nature, alone or in the company of your family, your partner or friends and have fun in a safe environment while you explore the wonderful surroundings of the island. And really, don’t worry if this is your first time, because you will always be accompanied by our guides using the kayak that best suits you and through the route you choose. Prepare to feel the waves, discover amazing cliffs, caves and enjoy our pristine waters!

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