Come to MENORCA EN KAYAK and explore the world of sea kayaking on one of our specialised courses. Discover this fascinating sport in a safe and fun way, a sport that you can do all year round.
If you have never been kayaking before, then try an induction course. Pick up basic skills needed for kayaking efficiently and safely.
If you have some experience you can opt for one of our courses for improving and perfecting paddling techniques, mastering safety manoeuvres, advanced techniques, how to do kayak rolls, etc.

LEVEL 1: Introduction to kayaking

The first contact with the sea kayak. Learn the basic techniques of sailing in sea kayaks and in an idyllic environment such as Es Grau, undoubtedly the best place in Menorca to get started in the technique and world of kayaking. It is a course designed and directed to all those who want to start …


LEVEL 2: Safety

What to do if you capsize? How to assist a friend who has capsized? Learn basic safety techniques needed to go kayaking with confidence. The course is suitable for those who kayak or who have done the Introduction to Kayaking Course and want to improve their technique. What we learn: -Build on paddling techniques learnt …


LEVEL 3: Advanced

For those who want to progress to kayaking in more demanding conditions. Learn advanced techniques for optimum navigation when the routes and weather conditions are more demanding. This course is suitable for those who kayak or who have done Level I and Level II and want to get the most out of kayaking and navigation. …


Skimo-roll course: the original self-rescue

How to recover if you have capsized, without getting out of your kayak. This is the original self-rescue technique used since ancient times by the Inuit. Suitable for experienced kayakers who want to learn how to do this important manoeuvre, essential for kayak-surfers and for kayaking in demanding weather conditions. Duration: 2 hours Price: 60 …


Summer school for children

Do you know about our summer school? Put your children down for one of our summer courses in Es Grau, an ideal location for learning how to kayak, stand up paddle and swimming in the sea. Want to try the “BIG SUP”? It is the stand up paddle board giant,  for more than 7 people! …


Introduction to stand up paddle course

Learn basic techniques needed for going out paddling safely and efficiently. On this course, you will learn how to stand on the board, how to turn, how to stay on course, and all about stability and balance. Contact us to book your session from our base on the beach of Es Grau. Duration: 1:30 hours. …