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If you like the idea of going on a self-guided adventure, plan your expedition of several days to discover Menorca

At Menorca en Kayak you can rent a kayak with all necessary equipment, as well as receive guidance from our staff throughout your trip.

Before setting off on your adventure we help you plan the itinerary, and advise you on weather conditions and brief you on safety aspects. On a daily basis we will give you information on weather conditions and the marine forecast for your location. You will also be provided with a route map that we will have gone over with you previously.

Our fleet of kayaks consists of specially designed sea kayaks from manufacturers such as Wilderness and Perception (see rates and specifications in section Rentals-Sea Kayak).

If you would like to circumnavigate the island, estimate eight stages of about 22-25 km. a day (5-7 hours of paddling). We recommend you have a couple days leeway in case of bad weather. With the right weather conditions a mid-level kayaker may circumnavigate the island in 8 days.

If you have little or no kayaking experience we strongly recommend you take up a sea kayak induction course in a specialised centre. You will feel much safer and enjoy it ten times more.

If you know when you want to come, contact us to check for equipment availability.

A paradise awaits you. Come and discover it!

Material included with the sea kayak rental
  • All navigation equipment: paddle, life vest, bathtub covers, waterproof bag, bucket and sponge, shovel and spare towline.
  • Map of Menorca with directions for the route.
  • List of personal equipment that we recommend to take during the trip.
  • Manual of good environmental practices.
  • The daily weather information.

 First aid kit, clothing appropriate to the time of year (for the cold or heat), water slippers or similar, a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses with a cord, change of clothes (appropriate to the time of year), waterproof jacket, sleeping bag and mat that are not too bulky, awning (tents are not allowed), mosquito net, high SPF sunscreen, mosquito repellent, camping stove and other cooking equipment.

– Transportation: we offer the possibility of hiring the transport service to pick you up from where you finish your route or transfer your equipment to another point on the island where it is possible to continue kayaking. (Check rates)
– We rent overnight material:
  • Sleeping bag
  • Mat
  • Awning for 4-5 people
– We sell:
  • Camping gas cylinders type screw and spike.

From 35 €Single kayak

From 50 €Double kayak





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