LEVEL 1: Introduction to kayaking

LEVEL 1: Introduction to kayaking

The first contact with the sea kayak. Learn the basic techniques of sailing in sea kayaks and in an idyllic environment such as Es Grau, undoubtedly the best place in Menorca to get started in the technique and world of kayaking.

It is a course designed and directed to all those who want to start sailing with sea kayak in calm water conditions. With this course we will learn the basic techniques to achieve an efficient paddling and maneuver. We will also learn how to rescue a companion in deep water.

What we learn:

-The origins of kayaking and the different types of kayaks.
-The parts of a kayak and navigating equipment.
-How to handle a kayak and the correct paddling position.
-How to carry a kayak; getting in and out of a kayak from a beach or a jetty.
-Paddling phases, trunk rotation (power phase).
-Strokes for turning and slowing down.
-Reverse stroke (paddling backwards).
-Paddling sideways.
-Rescue a companion in deep water.

Duration: 4 hours
Price: from 65 €/ person
*Booking in advance required.
*Please arrive 20 minutes before the start of the activity.

Date: Please check with us.
Level: easy.
Number of people: 5 maximum, 2 minimum.
No previous kayaking experience necessary.
Minimum age: 12 years (minors to be accompanied by an adult).
You must be able to swim.
Swimwear, synthetic or lycra t-shirt for navigating, hat, sunglasses, cord for sunglasses  so as not to lose them, footwear (water shoes or footwear that can get wet), sun cream, water, towel and a change of clothes.
Equipment: sea kayak, life jacket, spray deck, paddle.