LEVEL 3: Advanced

LEVEL 3: Advanced

For those who want to progress to kayaking in more demanding conditions.

Learn advanced techniques for optimum navigation when the routes and weather conditions are more demanding. This course is suitable for those who kayak or who have done Level I and Level II and want to get the most out of kayaking and navigation.

What we learn
-How to tilt a kayak.
-Edging with circular paddling.
-The high brace technique.
-Prow rudder.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: from 65 €/ person

*Booking in advance required.
*Please arrive 20 minutes before the start of the activity.

Date: Please check with us.
Level: intermediate.
Number of people: 5 maximum, 2 minimum.
Level I and II to be completed.
You must be able to swim.
Minimum age: 16 years (minors to be accompanied by an adult).
Swimwear, synthetic or lycra t-shirt for navigating, hat, sunglasses, cord for sunglasses so as not to lose them, footwear (water shoes or footwear that can get wet), sun cream, water, towel and a change of clothes.
Equipment: sea kayak, life jacket, spray deck, paddle.