In our menu of Activities you will find different ways to enjoy your holiday in Menorca. In our trips we did not ask prior experience, only wanting to have fun and enjoy the natural environment in which we situate, we adapted the activity to the level of the participants. The activities are planned considering the playful aspect but counting on the educational aspect. Our guides, professional experts and good knowledge of the territory will make you live a unique experience, safely.



Discover the true unspoilt Menorca on our guided kayaking excursions. No experience is needed. Come with us to see how enjoyable and safe it is to go kayaking. Our guides will take you on kayaking adventures, perfect for enjoying with a partner, with friends or with your family. At Menorca en Kayak we offer the chance to discover the two sides of Menorca, the northern coast and the southern coast.

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Sea Kayaking Expeditions

The island of Menorca, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1993, is a true paradise for sea kayaking or just for spending a holiday in an unspoilt environment.
Menorca is the northernmost of the Balearic Islands. The landscape is like a mosaic due to its unusual geology. Little coves are interspersed with sandy beaches; colourful rocky coastal areas alternate with high cliffs, typical fishing villages and quaint little ports. It is the perfect natural setting to discover by kayak.

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Stand up Paddle

Stand up paddle board rentals, courses and guided excursions in Es Grau.

Stand up paddle surfing, closely related to surfing, is the latest in water sports. Stand up paddle or SUP is an ancient sport that comes from Polynesia. Historically speaking, it is the oldest gliding water sport in the world. The Polynesians invented it to as a way of sailing to new islands. More recently, surfing instructors on Waikiki beach started using their long boards with a basic canoe paddle to stay close to their students and to see and reach distant waves.

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